Saturday, 30 July 2016

Last night/This morning

Last night I was taken out for a meal to the Original Burger Company in what was the Old Still Pub at the end of Westgate Arcade in Peterborough.  Its a lovely old building with a lot of atmosphere and we were lucky enough to be in the garden for our meal.  I went with OH and my step-son and future daughter in law.  The food is honest, well presented and full of flavour but simplicity itself and their sweet potato chips are to die for.  Despite my mouth being sore I managed to tackle three quarters of my bun which was delish and I polished off my sweet potato chips.  We had a lovely evening and it kind of finished of a very lazy day for me for a change.

This morning we were up bright and early and out the house for 8:20am to go to Johnsons Farm shop at Old Hurst.  It was a beautiful morning and a good journey across the back roads of the Fen - rather than travelling along the A1.  It is much more pleasurable.  We had arranged a rendezvous for breakfast again with my stepson and his fiancĂ©e and had a lovely breakfast.  I struggled again but that is because of the soreness and imbalance in my teeth but that will get rectified in due course.

Today I bought a kg of Lincolnshire Chipolatas, a kg of Green back bacon, and 1/2 kg of streaky bacon. This is despite having at least half of the Old English Sausages and the Black Fen sausages and bacone left in the freezer.  Things like sausages, bacon are regular things that I buy so it does not matter if we have an excess and in fact it is a bit of a security in that we have enough in hand.  Today from 1 kg of Lincolnshire chipolatas I have five bags of six chipolatas bagged up; from the 1kg bacon I have six bags of four rashers and one of six; and from the 1/2 kg of streaky I have five bags of four rashers.  So that is potentially quite a few meals.  I also use the bacon in quiches, and in casseroles etc. so it has a lot of potential.

We also bought four pork chops, 2 chicken breast dinners which are a combination of chicken breast and chipolata (which are quite substantial) and I think have something else in, four minted lamb leg chops, a rolled joint of pork for Sunday lunch, 2 Buffalo burgers, 2 Cornish pasties, a chunk of Amber Mist Cheese (delightful and has whisky in it) will make a lovely ploughmans - I have some pickled onions and home made chutney to go with as well as some apples.

Johnsons has one heck of a Butchery Section, Delicatessen, bread and pastry section.  It varies each month what we buy and there is always something very different available.  Their cheese selection is something else.  There are alwaysw tasters available as well on the tops of the counters.  We have found some lovely Artisan cheeses from here.

A cherry pie,  a tiger loaf, two pots of stock one beef one chicken, a couple of cabbages, some large field mushrooms and a couple of bottles of beer to wash the ploughmans down later on.  I have since bought a ham hock which I am going to cook later to go with the ploughmans (that was bought from my local Polish shop).

Simple food but quite substantial.

Right am off to potter.  Its the weekend the sun is out  life is good.

Catch you later.



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