Monday, 25 July 2016

Making a Knickerbocker Glory

Now that the kiddies are on holiday - get them involved and occupied making their own pudding for after dinner.  You do of course need a long sundae glasses for this for optimum effect.  Makes quite a posh looking pudding which is quite simple to do although supervision of youngsters at all times is recommended i.e. with hot water for making the jelly or chopping the jelly.  Its an easy way of keeping the children entertained and getting them involved with food in the kitchen.  Its not always up to the Teachers to teach the children they can learn an awful lot from you too.

You will need:

1/4 packet of red jelly
1/4 packet of yellow jelly
A can/tin of peach slices drained and then chopped
1 can/in of pineapple chunks
A family block of vanilla ice cream (or the tub out of the freezer)
1/4 pint of double cream which has been whipped
4 glace cherries

Make up the jellies as directed on the packet, allow to set and then chop the jellies. Put small portions of the chopped fruit into the bottom of the sundae glasses. Cover this with a layer of red jelly, Put in a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the top and then add a layer of yellow jelly. Repeat the process finishing off with the whipped cream and the glace cherries.  Should make four tall glasses and make a lovely light dessert after your main meal.

Catch you later.



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