Saturday, 23 July 2016

Peach Nectar and things for the Freezer

As I am typing this I have a bottle of peach nectar chilling in the fridge to have with our tea later on.   I buy this from my Asian food shop when it is on offer and keep it under the stairs and as I managed to collect about eight bottles I thought its about time I used some of this.  It will soon be on offer at the shop again and I always keep this in for Christmas.  Makes a lovely Bellini. 

Its been another hot day and I am craving cold cool things.  I have plans later on to do a bit of messing around in the kitchen nothing too complicated but might actually help with my craving for cool things.

I have some ice cream/lolly moulds.  I tend to collect them when I see them more for the different shapes and patterns than anything else.  But the peach nectar is going into some of these moulds to make simple peach lollies.  We both like Solero style lollies but mine on this occasion are just going to be plain peach.  I also have some fruit cider so might make some adult style ones as well.  Can you remember years ago you used to be able to get an apple-juice/cider lollipop and they really were refreshing.

I bought some lemons the other night and have decided to make some lemon sorbet to have tomorrow at some point whether that is on its own or as part of a bigger meal -but that will be later on and I intend to make it without dragging out the ice cream machine utilising a container and either a fork or my mixer blades to break the ice up once it starts to set so that you end up with small and smooth ice particles which gives a smoother finish.  I also need to pop some ice cubes up as well we seem to be going through them rather rapidly.

I also have some red sweet Italian peppers as well as some bell peppers.  I am considering making a mixed veggie focaccia later on.  I thought the sweet red peppers, green bell pepper and fried onions might be a good combination.

Just simple things that make a difference.

I also have a new cookery book which arrived today.  I am very taken with it but will talk more about that later on.

Hope you have had a lovely day.

Catch you later on.



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