Saturday, 23 July 2016

Playing in the Kitchen

Well there are four Peach Nectar ice lollies residing in the freezer and four trays of Ice cubes.  I have had to be a bit creative on squeezing them in but at least it will help cool things down.  I shall pop some more in once those have gone.

The Lemon Sorbet is in the process of being made. 

Once the ice cubes are made I will decant them from the trays and pop them into bags and keep them in the freezer to help cool down the animals drinking bowls and also for use by ourselves with cold drinks.  The next batch I shall pop some slices of lemon into the ice cubes to make it look more interesting and may be put some of the flowers from my Rose Geranium into some as well.  It all helps pretty up your drinks. 

I am really in the mood to play in the kitchen but I have other things that need sorting first so for now it is a no go.  Next week I will go to the veg shop and stock up and then really have a play next week.  I really am in the mood where I want to cook but I have been deep cleaning the dining room this afternoon and it is still not finished yet.  Once it is completed it will be a job well done.  However the heat is getting to me.

I have watering up to accomplish again tonight which usually takes me an age as it is at the moment all accomplished by watering can and I have to come into the downstairs bathroom.  I could really do with a tap outside to make things easier.

Unfortunately when I was bringing tea up the stairs (we were in the computer room) I tripped and fell and have badly bruised both legs.  I screamed at OH but it fell on deaf ears - he just doesn't hear anything.  Never mind things could have been worse and I am still here to tell the tale.

Hope it cools down a tad more.

Catch you later.



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