Saturday, 16 July 2016

Saturday Round Up

Am currently watching the Hobbit the Desolation of Smaug at the moment.  I am a big J R Tolkien fan having read the books as a youngster.  However had not seen this particular film.  Its quite a lazy evening really and as expected it is raining and has been on and off so far this evening.  Hopefully it will cool things down a bit as it has been extremely muggy which will hopefully mean a decent nights sleep.  But at least we got quite a bit done in the front garden and tidied it up a bit.  Will hopefully finish it off in the morning.

We walked Missy down by the river earlier on and I have had the dishwasher and washing machine on since then.  Still no end to do but I am a tad sleepy at the moment its because I am sat down

It was too hot to cook a full scale meal so we ended up having a fry up which went down very well. 

There is lots that I want to cook at the moment but I am prevented as I do not have the storage in the fridge.  At the moment (unless I see anything different in-between times) but I think I will end up with an AEG one I have been looking at, at the moment a large and tall larder fridge which has two salad boxes in the bottom, wine racks, plenty of shelf space and also plenty of storage in the door.  I had wanted to make some crème caramels from scratch one of OHs favourites but there is no room in the fridge at the moment.  I have several ramekins to use for individual portions of the crème caramel and was going to cook them in one of my steamers. Never mind the time will come. 

Its now 10:00am and it is pitch black.  The wheel is starting to turn again when I will be able to get stuck into my crafting again of an evening.  I have a lot I need to accomplish and I want to start to work on some of the second hand projects part worked I have picked up from Ebay.  They are too lovely not to finish them off although my needlework may not be as proficient as that of their original worker but I aim to try as they will be beautiful and very different when completed.

Right back to my programme.

Catch you later



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