Saturday, 23 July 2016

Some Recent Charity Shop Finds

I have been meaning to share these little finds for a while but my memory being what it is I kept forgetting and at a time when I was struggling with writers block to actually post anything.  But hey better late then never and it actually fits in with a lot of the posts this week which have been drink related.

I chanced upon this punchbowl set  - it is a really large one with matching cups and hooks and a ladle and had a floral impressed design on the bowl and the cups.  I must say I am very chuffed with it.  I already have one but thought that it would be good to have a second so that when we get to the stage with the garden where it is more or less sorted I can have a "garden party" and have alcoholic as well as soft drink libations to hand.  So potentially that is 24 people to cater for.  Can't wait - I love entertaining especially when it is good weather.

Not bad for wait for it

I also found these Egg coddlers one large one and three small ones.  They are not a matching set only two of them are the same pattern but I like them all the same.  They are all by Royal Worcester and was £6 for the four.  However I have had a quick look on Ebay and I may be able to match them up quite reasonably.

I have never had coddled eggs but it is something I am going to try as I think what you can do with them can be pretty special.

Here are a few links on You Tube

It seems to be reading between the lines that you can use more or less anything.  Am going to have a play with this as I love soft eggs.  I quite like the idea of smoked salmon with lovely soft egg for Christmas morning - what a lovely way of serving eggs.

Catch you later.



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