Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Sorry I have not been around to post

Its been a manic week workwise and I have been absolutely shattered by the time I have got in and cooked tea  - and I have ended up having early nights - not something I am really into but I decided to be sensible and listen to the pleas of my body.  With the humidity being up this week it has caused a lot of pain and I have found that I needed a bit more sleep, so early to bed I have been.

Tonight however I have been at the Psychic and Spiritual Fellowship for the monthly meeting and have had a lovely evening. I am now shattered again but will not be so early to bed tonight although earlier than what I normally am.

I have next Monday off fortunately to myself.  So will be able to potter under my own steam.  OH and I are supposed to be out for a meal with his work colleagues this Friday but I am not sure that we are going as he is not keen.  Saturday I have a meeting and then a party at a friends house which am looking forward to and staying overnight.    Its a long time since the bunch of friends that have been meeting have been together so it should be  good night.

Right sorry its short and sweet will try and remedy things tomorrow.

Angela, thank you for the links - much appreciated shall have a look in more detail tomorrow.

Take care



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