Friday, 22 July 2016

Thursday Catch Up

Its been an extremely busy day again today at work - people are going on holidays for a week or a fortnight and fretting about getting work all done and dusted before they go.  I had a nice dinner though I met up with the girls I used to work with a long time ago.  We all became friends through work and ended up being personal friends who kept in touch too.  So it was really nice to play catch up even if only for a little while.

Then I had the inspection visit with the Dentist - gulp they would have taken them out there and then but I was unable to do. There were only three of us in today and so I said I would go back.  It had been listed as an inspection treatment only and so I had just gone prepared for that.  I am sorry but I absolutely hate the Dentists.  I had to have an X-ray as well but it has been booked for next Thursday - I have booked the day off to recover  and I have Friday off also as I have to have half a tooth out on the top right hand side furthest one along and then one on the bottom left hand side.  Sorry am not good with these kinds of things.

Despite me looking after my teeth they seem to be going slowly one by one.  Then when they have been sorted and have settled down I have to go back to my own dentist to have a new partial plate made.

We had chicken kievs tonight for tea with mixed veg and shredded cabbage and potatoes it went down very nicely.

Its still too muggy, no energy to do things of an evening and I have tons to do.  Hopefully will be able to get stuck in tomorrow night a bit.

For the best part of the evening I have been watering up.  Just about finished and it is starting to drizzle just ever so slightly but it is still very muggy and hot. I was sat cuddling the cat a bit earlier on  - he is getting a right mummy's boy.  I was cuddling him as I was a bit upset to have just learned that a good friend is being tested for bowel cancer. That really does put things into perspective, Please send your prayers for them.  I am a big believer in the power of positive prayer.

I have despite pottering about been a little lethargic tonight I just wish this heat would break a little and freshen up a bit more. 

Catch you soon.



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