Saturday, 16 July 2016

Tidying up

Its warm and muggy the sun keeps coming out and going in and we have started on he front garden doing a little tidying.  More to do tomorrow. 

Today the hedge has had a hair cut and so has the Cotoneaster and I have cleared out under the privet hedge which always gets stuffed to the gunnels with leaves and other peoples rubbish. With us living in a main street and thoroughfare people walking through just chuck their rubbish anywhere trouble is it ends up in my garden despite us having a gate and a panel on the gate to stop any rubbish coming through under the gate but it still gets in and I have even found tins and drink bottles just chucked in the garden!  Makes you wonder what people live like at home!

Just from the hedges I have four bin bags absolutely stuffed full.  Will take them to the tip tomorrow together with some old branches.  The holly tree has also had a tidy up.  Already there are masses of berries to come this autumn on the holly and already a couple of red berries. So it looks as though I am going to have some fresh holly with berries for Christmas.  As I am a country gal who lives in town I always pay heed to the country ways and one of them is that if there is a lot of berries in the bushes it means we are going to have a colder winter - tis just nature providing berries for the birds to help them survive.  Perhaps we should take heed and also put up as many things as we possibly can into our pantries to provide for our own in this uncertain world of ours.  From the wild larder as well as from the shops or our gardens if we have them.  We have to work with the  individual sources available to us. Not everyone has the pleasure or knowledge of a cultivated garden.  My garden will be under cultivation next year that I am going to do for my soul as well as my stomach.

Right had better get a wriggle on we have some Barnsley chops for tea tonight with veggies.  A piece of roast Beef for tomorrow night's tea.  I also have some yogurt to make and to make some short-crust pastry for some coconut cheesecakes, and the chocolate treat I found on Facebook earlier on.  So if they do not get done tonight there is tomorrow. 

However must retrieve the puff pastry and sausage meat out of the freezer.  Do not forget Tricia!  Catch you later hopefully.



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