Sunday, 17 July 2016

Too Hot

To do what I wanted to do so we have stayed in the cool of the house  -windows open but curtains closed to keep the house cool which it seems to have done reasonably well.  I have the animals to consider and their fur coats.

I think it is going to be a warm night.

We have however managed to have a nice tea - I started cooking later on so it has not affected the house too much.

We had a nice piece of roast beef with roast potatoes, shredded cabbage, peas, French beans, and carrots and Yorkshire pudding which was not actually my Yorkshire batter mix but some batter I had left over from some mid-day pancakes so it was a case of waste not want not.

I have also because it has been too hot doing some research on You Tube about canning recipes - there is quite a lot on there and some good ideas which I am going to delve in further as a Pressure Canner is very much on my wish list.  I have watched recipes for making home made salsa and also home made chicken and mushroom soup this afternoon.  All I did was type in canning and quite a lot of sites have come up.  I am more a visual learner than a theory learner and pick up so much more by just watching.

I also saw on an English Homestead's blog an article about his brother who has made his own pizza oven which I was quite taken with.  Now that is some pizza oven.  The link is here:

That is one for my wish list.  So I have been doing a little research into that as well.  I already have my pizza paddle! (which is very useful).  I am also considering a smoking cabinet of some sort or the other - I have a small one but am considering this more for things I want to do in the future.  I shall not rush into that though.

My nephew graduates from Warwick University with a First Class Honours Degree and also his Masters in Chemistry.  The ceremony is today so  I hope my brother and his wife and also my other nephew have a lovely day.  Mum and Dad would have been so proud - mum tried to hang on to see him graduate.  He returns to Warwick in the autumn to do his Doctorate.  We are all extremely proud of him.  Just hope he has a lovely day.  My younger nephew is waiting for results of his A levels and is hoping to go up to University in the autumn also.  He is really into space and IT and is looking at a specialist engineering course.  Also extremely proud of him.

Well I had better get a wriggle on still so much more to do and I really do not feel like doing it - I think some of the windows are going to be left open overnight.

Catch you soon.



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