Thursday, 28 July 2016

Tooth Hurty - no More

Well the Deed is done and the two teeth have been removed.  I pre-warned the Consultant that I get stressed quite easily as I don't like needles and  she was very good talking to me throughout trying to soothe me during the procedure which was uncomfortable and there were a couple of horrendous cracks as she fought to remove the teeth and the roots but she got there and she said that they had come out cleanly and I therefore did not need stitches or indeed antibiotics. She said that I had been very good throughout the whole procedure - I tried to be However I am now on clear liquids only for the rest of the day and a soft food diet.  My face feels as though it is blown up like the Mitchelin man, but slowly very slowly I am starting to lose the numbness in the gum.  I have some paracetamol to take a little later when I am not dribbling everywhere and can swallow properly.

Tomorrow I start the salt water regime and I have to be careful not to dislodge the clot.  If I have any further problems or it starts bleeding again I have some swabs to use but if it does not control it then I am to report to the local A & E.  I am so glad that I took the day off as communicating has been a bit of a problem - I had not appreciated how much it would be but then I have had the back tooth removed on the right and the back tooth on the left on the ground floor so to speak - so not just one side to deal with.

Right that's another problem solved for now.  Next stage will be back to my normal Dentist once my gums have healed to arrange for a partial plate for the top and a partial plate at the bottom.  I am vain about my teeth and my hair. They probably never really look very much but as long as they are tidy and presentable that's all I am bothered about.  I try and turn out nice if I can. I don't like to see gaps in my teeth or indeed my hair grey - makes me look a lot older than I feel and I still have a lot of living to do.  I am going to need those pain killers pretty pronto need a bit more feeling in the mouth though.

Catch you later.



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