Monday, 18 July 2016

What a day

It started at 6:00am up to get oh's clothes sorted and ironed as well as my own.  He leaves for work.  I get some breakfast and a cup of tea - Missy gets one too.

Then off to wash my hair and get cooled down a bit ready for work.  Wrote a couple of blog posts whilst my hair was drying.  Left Missy in the study and walked into work.

Got into work - completely manic reds and blues -no end of them and not very short either.  Managed to get them all done though before leaving the office at 1:30pm to have my lunch  - walked home.  Got changed and into my gym class gear.  Packed up a bottle of water and walked to the hospital all three miles in this heat so glad I had the water. The sun was fierce and hot - totally uncomfortable.  Arrived in time registered for class then undertook the 1 hour back class - found some more muscles but it really is helping with loosening me off a little.  Most of the trouble is my feet though.  Still not heard anything though.

Had a conversation with the OH asking if he could pick me up last night  - said yes no problem.  Texted him when class finished  - no  response was hanging around for 15 minutes  - texted again eventually got a phone call from him saying "I am f....".  Why asks me?  I have put unleaded petrol in a diesel car.  I have just filled up" What Not again says I!  He has done this before - does not concentrate on what he is doing.  Last time insurance paid out.  This time its not on the policy and they are refusing to pay.  Not the end of it though want to get to the bottom of this as I deem this a fundamental change to the policy.  This is the Co-Op.  In end have asked for a recovery vehicle to take the car home.  Had to wait over an hour but eventually rescued - too hot for things like this to happen.  Whilst in the car researching people to come and sort the car out and wash out the engine.  OH having hissy fit as he reckoned would not get anyone out until tomorrow and how was he to get to work!  Me dialling number found and then handing phone to himself and told him to deal with it.  Arranged for chap to come round.  He eventually arrived for 7:30pm.  Car in the process of being dealt with at the moment.  Quite a bit of money lighter in the meantime  - hope it works okay.  I am ready for a nice long cold drink - shandy sounds good probably with dinner when himself comes in and I might go into the garden for a little while now its cooling down a little and breathe!  I am absolutely shattered!

Catch you later.



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