Sunday, 17 July 2016

What a Scorcher

Its just too hot for me I have retreated indoors although I was hoping to carry on with the garden will have to see if it cools out a bit first else I will end up getting fried! Being fair skinned I am more than fair game for the sun.  I love the sunshine and the warmer weather but the heat does take it out of me quite a bit especially if I am trying to do a bit.   I have had the washing out and on the line and the process is still in full kilter.  Only drawback is now I have a stack of ironing. At least if you are down on the coast then you can retreat into the sea to cool down.  You lucky holidaymakers you especially if on the Cornish coast.  I have always fancied living down in Cornwall full time ever since I was 11!  Mum and Dad looked at one point at relocating down there but even then prices were dearer than the rest of the country so it never happened.

I have the physio again tomorrow I hope its not too hot to exercise mind you have to walk to hospital tomorrow.

Oh well  - think I might raid the freezer and see if there is some ice cream to hand. 

Enjoy the rest of Sunday and this glorious weather.

Catch you later.



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