Monday, 18 July 2016

When Its hot and sticky

You need some homemade traditional still lemonade to drink served with lots of ice cubes - it makes a very refreshing drink.  What's more is you can freeze this and just bring it out when you need it so its well worth making a couple of batches and using one and freezing one to bring out on days like today:



3 lemons
6oz of sugar
1 1/2 pints of boiling water


Wash the lemons and peel off the rind very thinly.  Put the rind and sugar into a basin or large jug and pour the boiling water over the rind and the sugar.  Cover and leave to cool stirring occasionally.  Add the juice of the lemons and strain the lemonade.  Serve chilled.  Makes approximately 2 pints.

Make up a couple of batches at least and pop into a drinks dispenser like the Kilner one or Wilkinsons have some very good offers on these at the moment.  Make sure really chilled and then let the kids help themselves it is so much more refreshing and better for you than bought pop.  Plus if it is too sweet adjust the sugar to suit your own tastes but it does need the sugar.

Better still get the kids to make it during their summer holidays - under supervision of course because of the hot water.  Showing them how to make things and where things have come from helps develop a healthy interest in food and proves that you can make good things at home.

Catch you Later.



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