Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Cherries in eau de vie


1lb/450g ripe cherries
75g/ 2 1/4 oz sugar
500ml/17 fl oz eau de vie /vodka


Using a cherry stoner pit the cherries and remove any stalks then pack them into a sterilised wide necked jars layering the fruits with the sugar now and again as you would when making a Rumptopf.  When the jars are full of cherries spoon any remaining sugar on top of the jars splitting it equally between them. Pour the eau de vie/vodka over the cherries filling the jars to the top then seal.  Store the jars for at least 6 weeks on a pantry shelf giving them a shake every so often to help dissolve the sugar and create a syrup.

I think this particular recipe is also a very adult orientated one - would be really good with ice cream at Christmas or just served simply with cream.  If it is anything like Rumptopf I would hazard you will not need much fruit in a bowl as it really is very rich and alcoholic. 

Not everyone has access to eau de vie and I therefore proffer vodka as a reasonable substitute.  I have an idea for this particular recipe and am going to make two batches.  One as above and one using a pre-prepared sugar syrup rather than macerating the cherries in the sugar.  I will let you know how I get on.

Catch you later.


P.S. The recipe comes from 100 jams, jellies and pickles by Gloria Nichol ISBN; 978-1-907563-61-4.


  1. Perfect timing thank you for this. I'll do it once I tackle those top branches of that cherry tree!

  2. That sounds good. I'm not very motivated at the moment, so must take a leaf from your book and get myself going again.

  3. Hi BB sometimes we need to be gentle with ourselves - give yourself the time to rest then you will gallop along. take care pattypanx


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