Monday, 8 August 2016

Do you ever wish you had not started a job

I am sorry I was quiet for me yesterday - it was exactly a year by the date yesterday since Mum passed.  I chose to spend it quietly although I was very busy.  Such a lot has happened since then and the bungalow completed and exchanged ten days ago - which seems rather strange as the family had called it home for 46 plus years.

But life goes on and neither my mum or dad were ones for regrets or for not getting on with things.  But its always the firsts that cause the biggest pinch.

Anyway on with real life.

One of the reasons I need a new fridge is that the one ensconced in the pantry which has done sterling service up until now has started to ice up quite badly.  Just how badly I had not appreciated until last night and what should have been a relatively quick job has turned out to be long and laborious as a result.

I normally use my hairdryer to defrost the fridge or freezer usually but can I heck as like lay my hands on it.   Somewhere safe as usual  - not that I use the hairdryer very often for my hair - as I get psoriasis on my scalp but its there if I need to get my hair dried rapidly which is not very often hence the reason for not finding the hairdryer it has grewey legs and moved.

So the fridge is switched off and we are having to do this the long laborious way with hot water and patience - it is partially done will have to continue it tonight.  He is going fishing but for reasons known only to himself it will now be tomorrow.

Oh well these things are sent to try us in more ways than one.

The contents of the fridge are in the  shed built into the house as it is nice and cold in there.

So I had better get a wriggle on - work to go to.  No back class today that reconvenes next week - that is if I ever get this chocolate off my fingers from the home cooked pain au chocolat I have just devoured for breakfast.  Bit of a muck magnet me things just happen.

Catch you later.




  1. Love chocolate fingers and big hugs for 1 year on xx

  2. hi sandie and thank you. hugs right back.

    tracy I always get in a pickle and I still haven't found the hairdryer



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