Monday, 1 August 2016

Evening Everyone

My first day back at work today and no physio.  One of them has gone off sick and so the class did not take place; so at work I stayed.

My mouth is still sore but in reality it is going to be for a little while.  Still have not had any pain killers.  So that is something positive.

I nipped into M & S at dinner and bought some fish for our tea.  I had proper smoked haddock with poached eggs and bread and butter and the OH had a couple of plaice fillets.  Went down very nicely and was lovely and soft on my mouth.

Have started on the slow laborious job of trying to sort the front room out; at the moment its down to a lot of sorting which is time consuming but once that is all done and dusted I can get down to the washing the paintwork and getting everything back where it needs to be.  The carpet needs cleaning and everything polishing -  a real good bottoming out but it needs it.  Once done I can close the door and keep it tidy.  I am also having to sort through a correspondence pile as I tend to stack them one on the other.  But I really need to get to grips with this.  I have decided that I am going back to my old system of checking the bank statements and ticking everything off in effect an accounting night. It may also reveal where I need to make cutbacks on housekeeping spending. 

Then it will be the turn of the bedroom.

However I am hoping to be able to read a little bit more of my book.  It is nearly finished.

Right better get a wriggle on still lots to do.  No peace for the wicked.

Catch you soon.



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