Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Fruit Fest

Well I got more fruit today so this post is going to be berry brief.

We have had a fry up for tea to keep the wolves at bay. 

I descended to the market at dinner and ended up with more cherries, peaches to make the peach rose, the first of the Victoria plums from the fens - not quite ready for eating will give a day or two, strawberries, raspberries.  So a lot of fruit to do a little with.  Will see how I get on but all destined for the winter pantry - my stock pile. 

Have been to see the Consultant - I have a rare form of bunion joint on my left foot which is the foot that is to be operated on.  Apparently because of the arthritis the bone is badly deformed.  I will also have to have metal work in the joint to start with as the bone is cut and shaved and re-aligned.  Apparently I will have to wear a really sexy boot to start with to protect it for a period of some two weeks. 

The fusion will mean that there will not be movement in the big toe but it is a cheap price to pay if it means that overall it keeps me going.  Funnily enough it is the right foot that causes the most problems.  He has said that it is the left foot that has the more pronounced problem.  There are no guarantees and it will interfere with the medication I am on and I will have to undergo a set of treatments by injection for blood clotting prior to the operation.  Really because of the range of problems I have there are no guarantees but as I see it really I have no choice I need to do whatever I can to keep moving and if it is left then there is a possibility that by leaving it I miss the optimum time to deal with it.  Supposedly will take place within a three month time scale.  There are no outlines on dates at the moment though.  The paperwork has been completed and the referral made  - I have signed the documentation but the admission form was like war and peace.  If this foot is a success then the opposite foot will be dealt with a year later.

So I just have to wait now its in the hands of the gods.

Right beetroot to pickle and fruit to process.  Catch you a little later.




  1. Good luck with the op/treatment, hope it works and you literally get back on your feet! xxx

  2. Thank you Sandie I am not looking forward to it one little bit but I have to be practical - not looking forward to the injections for the blood clotting treatment at all. phobic with needles. it is going to be a necessary evil to get to where I want to be. Take care and hope you are keeping well.




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