Saturday, 6 August 2016

Fruit n veg

Well what glorious weather we have had today.

I have started on the putdown for winter pantry today.  I managed to get my cherries this morning so a little later on I will be processing them utilising some of the recipes posted up earlier in the week.  I have been and bought a bottle of vodka as well.  I received a reduction in the price of the cherries - I have roughly 3kgs and they should have been 6 per kg and she gave me a 2 reduction.  Which is better than nothing.  I am so pleased to have got some.  They are English and from Kent.  I may look out for some more during the week as there are a few more things that I would like to do with them and I will not be able to achieve everything with the quantity I have managed to get.

I also have 5lbs of orange plum cherry tomatoes, and 4kg of vine tomatoes.  The tiny orange ones are going to be bottled whole in brine and the vine tomatoes are going to be made into home made pasta sauce.  I also have some plums which at the moment are going to be turned into a Chinese plum sauce and some pears which are going to be processed in syrup.

I might do some mixed fruit salad next week as well.

I have some really old 2lb Kilner jars and I have ordered some seals so that I can use these older style jars they are larger than the jars currently available from Kilner what I call a proper family size. - the jars are dual purpose jars and the Leifheit seals fit them perfectly.  I also have a load of my mums jars as well so I am looking forward to getting them back into use as well. I remember as a little girl her working hard to fill the bottles and then they used to be stored on the top shelf of the pantry out of my way.  But I always remember goosegogs, apples, rhubarb, pears and plums being religiously put up every year.  I want to try and get as much as I can done and out of the way with which will then give me time to do other things.

I also have some fresh beetroot two bunches for cooking and pickling and I may get some more and make a chutney.  I quite fancy making a beetroot and chocolate cake.  We will see how I get on.

I have also been researching jars, bottles and holders for storing bottles and jars in.  A bit time consuming but I am starting to find what I am after.  I am rather anal when it comes to jars and bottles and I lovingly look after them from one year to another.

OH is going fishing this week so I am looking forward to having a good play whilst he is out of the way.

Catch you later.



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