Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Home cooked hot dogs

I have this evening bought some very large finger rolls and then cooked standard sized sausages in the frying pan together with loads of sliced onion until golden brown with a little butter added with the onion cooked in with the sausage.  A one pan meal

We didn't want much to eat but wanted something reasonably substantial as we were both a little peckish.

This has been followed with rich vanilla ice cream, chopped pecan nuts and chocolate sauce dribbled liberally over the ice cream and then nuts added as a garnish.  It has gone down very well and has filled a gap and made the most of pre-bought ice cream.  So out of simple ingredients we have had a simple tea that has hit the spot.  The beauty of this was that it was all done and dusted within 45 minutes. 

I nipped into Wilkinsons today and noticed that they had the cheapie jam jars in. They do two sizes although when you make enquiries they only give you the option for the smaller jar.  However they do do both sizes 190ml and 380ml.  £4 and £5 respectfully for a tray of 12 jars.  I bought two trays of the larger size.  They are currently stashed under the stairs.  I still need to get some more ginger beer bottles though. As I said the other day I am stockpiling on jars, and bottles before the preserving really starts in earnest.  I specifically need to source some bottles suitable for apple juice.  shall look for those over the next couple of days or so.

Right better get a wriggle on.




  1. Yoo hoo!!! I found you :) I just wanted to say hi and get your lovely blog bookmarked for future reading. I've had one of those nights tonight so I'm going to head off to bed and start a fresh tomorrow, but I didn't want to do so without finding your blog. Thank you for my blog comments, I really appreciate them and will be joining you daily to catch up with your blog. Take care, Tracy xx

  2. Hi Tracy and welcome to my blog. Glad you like the ideas - me I am happiest when messing around in the kitchen preserving or making something for the pantry shelf and as the saying goes every little helps. Have a good look around there are recipes going way back. Take care and I am glad you found me.

    Tricia aka Pattypan



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