Thursday, 4 August 2016

I am a wee bit tired tonight

Its been another busy day only three of us in and it has been slightly manic. We have members of staff due to go on leave on Friday evening for a fortnight or so trying to clear their desks before they depart so that they can relax and enjoy their family time so the focus tends to be on them and then we end up playing back track.  Its just the depth that varies.  As a result I am a bit tired this evening.  I have been out to the Psychic and Spiritualist Fellowship this evening as well another really good evening and we were down on numbers due to holidays so I have done a fair bit of flying around there too.  Keeps me out of mischief.

When I got in just past 10am and I have found an appointment stuffed through the letter box for a week next Tuesday evening to see the foot man for initial assessment.  At least the appointment has come through I was beginning to get a little concerned that they had forgotten about me.

Unfortunately they did not have any Cherries today but I shall look again next week.  I did have a quick recce round the market and will probably buy some other bits to put up in the pantry too.  We love our veggies and I am keen to get my canner now so that I can make the most of what is going on around me - especially with the veggies.

I am still stockpiling jars where I can though.  Yesterday I went into Wilkinsons and got two packs of 12 X 390ml jars for 10.00 for the two trays.  I have been and got another 24 jars today.  Next week I intend to get some more of the clear swing top bottles for ginger beer and apple pop. I still have some marmalade, lemon marmalade, strawberry jam to make so I am going to need the jars in the long run.  I am anxious to get as much as I can put up in readiness for the long winter months.  I intend to go brambling to make jam, bottled bramble and apple pie mix, rowan jelly, bramble jelly, elderberry jelly.  I also want to make rosehip jelly, rosehip syrup and dry them to make wine from and to add ground down to a home made muesli to give me an extra vitamin c boost during the winter months.  I also need when the Bramley apple season starts to make a load of apple puree for the pantry - bottled as well as dry apple rings for use. 

Once the pantry is sorted out and I find out what dried fruit I have I will probably set too and make some different flavoured mincemeats to use the fruit up out of the pantry rather than waste it.  I will then start re-stocking the dried fruit ready for making the Christmas cakes at the end of September.  I keep a lot of dried fruit in, in any event but I hope to start producing my own soon with the dehydrator.  In any event I need to air dry some of the long thin red chillis as I use these home dried chillis in my pickled onions.

Right better get a wriggle on need something to eat and then sweet dreams.

Catch you soon.




  1. No pressures then?!
    Hope you achieve it all. xxx

  2. I love this post- I could have written it myself!! I can't wait to fill the pantry shelves with even more goodies. So pleased to have found your blog.

  3. Hi Sandie - not much - I am my own worst enemy but I keep on doing it. I actually enjoy all the playing. Take care. pattypan xx

  4. Hi Tracy, and welcome there is no end of stuff going back over the years the blog has been running for a little time there are lots of recipes but I just have not got them organised into a list properly. if you type in the ingredient or the name of recipe like ginger beer it should bring all the options up. I collect recipes and books as well. I shall never go to heaven. Take care. pattypan xx


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