Monday, 15 August 2016

Kitchen Notes Monday 15 August 2016

Make apricot jam and apricot chutney.  MUST DO tonight

Make Butter  - did not get to yesterday  - make herb butters - herbs ready and waiting.

Make pesto from basil and pine nuts  - don't add the cheese add this before using and then freeze.  So I get nice fresh pesto in the middle of winter.  OH does not like.  So more for me.

Finish off the stock. - completed

Make sweetcorn and red pepper relish -completed

Freeze left over peppers - completed

This month the Landscape magazine has a selection of preserve recipes  - new ones for me to try;

Tomato chutney
Spiced apple chutney
Carrot and parsnip chutney
Sweetcorn and red pepper chutney
Pear and fig chutney

There is also a nice selection of duck recipes

Pan fried peppered duck breast
Individual Duck pies
Potted Duck
Clear Duck broth
Duck Burger
Spatchcock Duck with Squash Wedges

I am only part way through the magazine there is a nice selection of tray bakes that needs closer inspection I believe some of them with a bit of tweaking could be good for gluten free,

Will have to get back to that as a couple of the girls and their children at work are gluten intolerant. 

I am slowly getting my sweet jars for pantry storage.  yippee will be a lot easier to store in bulk which is what I tend to do.  I have been buying here and there the odd sweet jar for storing my base ingredients in.  Believe it or not this all stemmed from the fact that I wanted to get back to making my own Muesli and Granola.  I used to do this when the children were home and I had a few jars then but for some unknown reason they ended up going; however this time there is a grander scheme in mind and in the planning.

I don't think I will get through this but I will be home earlier after physio so i just might.


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