Monday, 22 August 2016

Kitchen notes Monday 22 August 2016

I thought I would share this link with you for a home made liqueur site I have found on Pinterest as I know that a lot of you ladies like myself like to dabble with a little bit of homemade this and that.

Lots of interesting recipes here.

We walked Missy yesterday evening and on our travels as usual when I accompany HRH I am scanning the hedgerows looking for anything I can possibly use and turn it into a preserve or two for my pantry shelf. 

On this walk I noticed that there are a few blackberries around and I have said that I will go with him probably tomorrow night as I have physio tomorrow and collect a few.  I have also noticed a few elderberries but not many about.  I think all this recent dry weather has impacted quite heavily on the fruits of both certainly where I am going  at the moment.  I will possibly get OH to take me for a ride out next weekend after he comes back from fishing to see if I can find any better ones in the fens.  There are no Sea Buckthorn berries at all on any of the trees where we walk so I think the frost has got a lot of the blossom early on.

However the find of the night has to be some crab apples.  They are not very big   yet again I think lack of water has impacted but I am pleased nonetheless that I have actually found some and there are several trees so I am hoping the rain we had last night will help the fruits burgeon some more.  One of my absolutely all time favourite wild preserves is Crab apple jelly either plain or spiced it is absolutely superb served with roast pork instead of with pure apple sauce.

Went looking for the Mirabelles and there were hardly any - I think the blossom got the frost as there were no signs of them on the main tree and yet the one to the side is more protected and there were a few but not many and they were not ready. None on the ground either. So a bit hit and miss so far but I shall keep my fingers crossed and my toes plaited that I shall come across other goodies although Mirabelles and Cherry Plums are firm favourites.

Even if I only get a few wild blackberries they can be put in the freezer until I can accumulate a few to make something with.  Maybe some of the crab apples I found today would go very well together.  For a nice jelly.  The best part about making jellies is that  you only use the juice so you still have the pulp left over.  Do not ever chuck this because you can make what is known as a cheese.  It is a lot firmer than ordinary jam and is traditionally served with proper cheese or cold meats.  It takes a little more cooking but is an extra out of ingredients that you have already used and paid for so why waste it.  A lot of the older recipes take this into account.

Hardly any Rosehips but a few Rowan berries which I shall snaffle a few to make Rowan jelly.  I am keen though to get the Rosehips as I think they will help me a lot over the winter months especially as I will be making my own Muesli and Granola as well as home made porridge a little sprinkling of some dried rosehip powder would be well disguised in something like this.

And of course there is Elderberry Rob and Rosehip Syrup.  Good for colds with some honey and always worth the making.  The syrups can always be turned into ice creams and sorbets if you make enough of them as well.  There is absolutely no end you can do the trouble is in deciding what to make.  I have a rule if I make a recipe and I don't like it I never make it again but very few fall into that category.

I also need to start playing with the computer for my preserves labels and tops.  I managed to get quite a few sheets of labels from Wilkos the other day and I want to sort out some suitable toppers to go with. 

Right had better get a wriggle on.

Hopefully catch you later on.



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