Saturday, 20 August 2016

Kitchen Notes Saturday 20 August 2016

Its blowy and blustery outside and I am snug in the house.  Today however I have the kitchen to clean so that I can start again with the processing a little later so I am likely to be gone a little while.

There is still lots to do and today is Tomato day specifically passata for all that dried pasta.  Another couple of jars have turned up so I have four jars stuffed with spaghetti, tagliatelle, spirals and .......

I also have some medium sized tomatoes to bottle whole in brine.  This is where my vintage original Kilner dual purpose jars will really come in. The are larger jars and easier to fill.  They will be ideal for making soup or adding to my passata

Apricots, plums and pears, to process as well.  I think that the apricots are going to be pureed the plums I think are going to go for a nice chutney and some more plum sauce and the pears are to be bottled in syrup. Oh and mincemeat as I have some dried fruit to use up.

On the wild front the blackberries are still not there yet but I have seen elderberries.  I always make some elderberry jelly as I pop a teaspoon or two into gravies or use it as the base for a home made barbecue sauce with some of my Chinese plum sauce. But I am itching to get the blackberries as they go in puddings and allsorts as well as jams and syrups and apple and blackberry pie filling, blackberry and apple vodka and/or gin.  I also want to get hold of some Damsons if I can as the are so useful and maybe some Quinces.

Victoria plums I will get during the week from the market.

Right had better get a wriggle on I may or may not be back later.



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