Sunday, 21 August 2016

Kitchen Notes Sunday 21 August 2016

That's six bottles of two different Rose wines bought in total and the peaches are in jars soaking in the wine.  I thought this would be nice to have over Christmas as well as for a tipple come towards the beginning of September when autumn traditionally starts to fall in. 

I am also going to do some red wine flavoured with oranges.  Its another take on Vin d'orange where you use Sevilles but you can use the juice of different types of oranges as well.  I also intend to do versions with white wine and rose as well.

I have not done the piccalilli this weekend however I have the squash and the marrows (I bought two large ones) already and onions as well as the stem ginger. As the particular recipe I am going to use again is one I actually quite like as well  I am doing at least a couple of times the recipe - I don't normally go a bundle on the usual recipe which is the River Cottage one - OH likes it though.However will see what is about and the quality of it.  I will probably get the rest of the ingredients next Thursday from the market in order that I can set to brining the veggies. 

I also intend to make some more of the white fruit salad and also red fruit salad for bottling.

The veg shop are not going to be having Victoria plums by the looks of things this year as the price is too high, which I can appreciate in some cases over £4.50 per kg.  It is a shame that prices are being hiked up unnecessarily especially over seasonal treats like cherries and the Victoria plums.

The veg people come from over near Spalding  - they use a lot of the local farmers and a wholesalers in Spalding but they still have to make a living though and if there is nothing to be made on it - especially in a mixed area as it is where I live with a lot of people with not a lot of money.  I do try and use them where I can though as the produce is good and the prices reasonable and they are good honest country folk who just want to make a living.

I didn't get the tomatoes done - I am hoping to get them done today but I will post a couple of recipes that I am going to use up for everyone to have a go at if they so choose.  I managed to get some nice sized medium tomatoes which I am going to bottle in brine with some herbs whole.  I also intend to do some of the little cherry tomatoes in this way and some of the plum ones as well.  I can get a kg net of cherry tomatoes for £1 off the market which should give me two jars of tomatoes or thereabouts.

I also need to get some mulled pears done - they are a favourite of mine - OH not keep though as he does not go a bundle on the cinnamon.

To tell the truth there is a whole load of things I would like to get done and I am hoping against hope that I do as I want to get as much done as I can before I have my foot sorted.

We use a lot of tomatoes and baked beans.  I have a recipe for home canned baked beans which I would like to have a go at once I get the canner which is on hold at the moment due to the fluctuation of the £ against the $ it affects the price.

I have a new toy to play with as well but more about that another day once I have had chance to play with it - which I haven't at the moment but I am hoping it is going to be very useful in the kitchen come the winter months.

Things to do as usual.

Catch you later.



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