Thursday, 18 August 2016

Kitchen Notes Thursday 18 August 2016

Well it has started overcast and foggy here in Peterborough probably to do with all the heat we have had during the past few days - it is fresh not cold not hot.

I was tired last night and so did not do much in the kitchen as a result but quite a lot will get done over the next few days as OH is going fishing which leaves me time to play to some extent.

Last night I got hold of two bottles of Rose wine - I have the peaches so tonight I will make some of the peaches in Rose recipe for a little tipple for the family from the pantry.  So I will need a bag of ice cubes to stop the peaches from overheating when taking the skins off them.

I will also start the peach chutney and peach jam and I need more peaches to do peach slices in syrup but I will get those on Saturday when I go to the market as well as some more cherries. I also want to start the apple juicing over the weekend.  These things of course are not set in stone just an outline of what I would like to do or what needs to be done and there is a lot of work to do there but I for one happen to think that it is worth it in the greater scheme of things. 

I also need Victoria plums

I am very pleased with all the bottling I did the other night and all the jars have sealed which is a huge sigh of relief.  I have also found the peach and chilli chutney recipe I was speaking of a little while back and will post this under separate cover.  I never put the whole amount of chilli in as I do not like it particularly strong and I tend to use the long thin chillis for making this recipe.

So that is what is planned for tonight.  plenty to do aw usual.

Catch you later.




  1. do you cook every night or is this a seasonal thing?

  2. Hi Tracy I cook most days and in preserving season I make time to do the preserving. everything else tends to get left. I work full time as a legal secretary and I have found because of the level we are working at all day I need something else to relax. I love cooking and experimenting and unfortunately do not always get the time that I would like. That's why I make time. I do collect cook books though and different preserving recipes and I try recipes and play with them. I also see the possibilities of doing different things with different items. If I am not keen on I do not add that particular recipe to the repertoire. For the best part though those have been few and far between. one day I will have my forever home and a bit of land but in the meantime I am going to enjoy the practicing and doing things to keep my family fed. if you have a good filled pantry at all times it can carry you through the leaner times without having to spend an arm and a leg. So when I have the pennies I really stock up on the pantry staples and then when I haven't got much what I do have carries me through for quite a few months if not years. Everything has to earn its place. I love cooking but I am not averse to adding a few things to the repertoire that look complicated but which in fact are quite easy to do. you will find what works for you - and if I can help at all please feel free to ask - I am not perfect but half the time with ideas of what to do etc comes from discussing with like minded people and then putting your own twist or particular stamp on it. pattypanxx


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