Monday, 8 August 2016

Late supper

Due to me being home later from work.  Cooking tends to fall on my shoulders I do love it but occasionally it would be nice to come home to a ready cooked meal so that I can actually get on with stuff in the evening.  The nights are starting to draw in as well so it will not be long before I will start using the slow cooker again which is basically load it up and run and then come home to a lovely cooked meal that with the addition of some mashed potatoes can be ready within a short time of being home.

This evening for supper we have had some Applewood smoked steaks - not very big not bad in flavour; they came out of the reduced section should have been 4 a pack but managed to get them for 2.  I  served them with new boiled potatoes and mixed veggies as well as some Meditteranean veggies roasted in a little garlic oil.  Went down very well and OH enjoyed it as well.  No gravy for a change. We followed that with some crème patisserie mixed tarts that I spotted in M and S which were very tasty and which had fresh pineapple, pomegranate raspberry and kiwi fruit on.  I think OH was hoping for chips but I could not fancy them so kept it simple.

I have a lot to do with OH being away this week hopefully I will just be able to get stuck in without any distractions whilst he is away - that is the plan anyway.

I had also noticed yesterday that I was low on vanilla sugar and so I have bought a couple of pods to make some more in readiness for the baking spree that will be coming along shortly.  It is lovely used in egg custard, panacotta and Victoria sponge cake.

I have some more dual purpose vintage kilner jars on their way to me to go with those that I already have and also some more of the smaller jars to go with those of my mums.  I also have new seals and rings on their way to me as well.  Leifheit jar seals and rings fit the dual purpose jars which is fortunate as we would not be able to use the jars otherwise.  The older jars are ideal for whole pears and plums as they are wider mouthed; that is the other reason I have been acquiring a few here and there.  They are also the jars that my mum used to use.

I have also ordered some replacement rings for the new kilner jars as one or to of them have got spoilt and damaged and during the next few weeks I need to put into use those new and/or empty jars as well. 

There is going to be a lot of stuff going on over the next few weeks as I start to get a little stock of stuff ready for the winter months.    I did mention a couple of posts back that I was stockpiling consumables so that I had everything to hand so that I could just get on with things.  Just a few more things that I am waiting for. 

I have ordered new hex bottles which are a sauce bottle but are also ideal for home made syrups and cordials. i get these from cwynnejones as you get 60 bottles without lids for approximately 18 - here is the link

The lids are available in packs of 100 at approximately 6.

They fit in my baby steriliser for small quantities but now I have the beilmeir I should be able to process in bulk.  You use both the beilmeir and the baby bottle steriliser the same you start timing once boiling point is reached and then process either fruits or syrups according to the time required for that particular fruit.

I have also ordered some juice bottles for making some home made apple, pear and orange juice as well as grape juice.  Hopefully these will be here tomorrow.

I am off to the market again tomorrow to see if I can get more cherry tomatoes and more cherries.

Things are very slowly coming together - things I have been after for years are slowly coming to fruition - mind you I have waited a long time. Now i just need that really large walk in pantry so that i can get things really sorted.

Right had better get a wriggle on.

Catch you soon.




  1. Ooh, you are going to be busy! Soon be blackberrying time too!
    Do you pickle veg(other than onions)?
    I ask because, on Countryfile this week, they spoke to a man on a Scottish Island who pickled all kinds of fruit and veg to help feed him through the Winter. also, do you rinse the veg before eating?
    I've looked in my preserving book by an American author and he doesn't mention anything about what to do/how to use them.

  2. Thanks for the link, I'm trying to stock up too! We have very similar interests with regard to food for free and stocking up for the winter, so your posts are very timely and interesting, thank you.

  3. Hi Sandie

    I have pickled cucumber, mushrooms, peppers. Oh usually eats that but as you can use pickled onions or shallots in casseroles I think it would be just a matter of rinsing the vinegar off if say you wanted to add it to a casserole. a lot of the veggie recipes like pickled onions, peppers, mushrooms, pickled red cabbage are eaten as they are as a side say with cold meat and cheese. I use red cabbage on salad leaves to brighten it up a bit more and the pickled peppers I do rinse and then throw into a home made stir fry. I do not thin really there is a wrong or right way how you use them as long as you are enjoying what you eat. find what works for you. leave it with me and I will do a post specially for using and if I can some recipes to help you on your way. give me a few days though.

    Take care though.



  4. Hi tracy I am very passionate about preserving. There are lots of basics that modern day households seem to be very unaware of. I started with things like bottled apple sauce, bottled apple pieces, and just built up recipe by recipe. some things go down better than others. Will follow up a little more in due course. pattypan x

  5. Thanks Patricia!
    I was particularly wondering about the pickled fruit although, I guess you could use the liquid as fruit vinegars, lovely on yorky puds!
    Sandie x


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