Friday, 19 August 2016

Pantry Happenings

Only teeny tiny steps but a little progress.  Some of my sweetie jars have arrived  three to be precise and so I have started loading the jars - two of with some dried pasta some tagliatelle and medium sized twists.  The third one I think I will load with spaghetti.  Its a start and as I get more I will try and add things of a similar nature - such as bread and pasta flour 00 grade - I use the Waitrose Canadian as it really brings the loaves up high in the bread machine.  Believe it or not there is only one bag of Tagliatelle and one bag of the spirals.  They are on offer at the Co-op at the moment 75p a bag which is really good in the greater scheme of things.

I also stocked up on Lasagne sheets as well as they were also on offer.

I do like fresh pasta but when you are busy working or have a family to feed it is often cheaper to buy in the pre-dried pasta.  It is very filling and you are not limited with the choices you can put with it.  That is why I make so much of my oven roasted pasta sauce for use over the winter months. Once I get to grips with my dehydrator I hope to be able to make my own.

Perhaps in the next set of jars I will carry on with the pasta as I have some more unusual shaped pasta shapes to store as well.

I have also ordered a couple of black lidded sweetie jars in which to house my kefirs. As time moves on I envisage having a fermenting shelf for my sourdough starters and my ginger beer as well.  However for the general food storage I am going to keep to the Cadbury's roses jars to keep everything matched in together.  The reason I have gone back to these jars is that they hold a fair bit.  When I was not using them I ended up with a basket full of little bits but being as the jars are the size they are I do not have this trouble anymore.  They large jars are aimed at storing the bulky dry items.  No doubt in due course I will have some for the Muesli and the Granola as well as porcini and vanilla sugar.

Catch you soon.



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