Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Peaches in Ros`e

I was browsing one of my recipe books the other day in particular the Gentle Art of Preserving by Katie and Giancarlo Caldesi.  It is a super preserving book has lots of lovely recipes and ideas in gathered from all over the place.  Keep your eye out in reduced book lines as this one is a real treasure and well worth the having as it brings together recipes from different cultures and from different Chefs.  It is a beautiful and extremely useful book.  The ISBN No is.  978-0-85783-092-0.

I have come across infused wine recipes before but there always seems to be some confusion on how long to keep it.  This particular recipe answers this straight away indicating that it will keep into the winter months and that the peaches are an added boozy treat to be served simply with ice cream.  The Caldesi's fish them out after two weeks macerating leaving the enriched wine to drink later approximately  2 jars x one litre of.  So perhaps this particular recipe will be a good one to infuse summer into winter months.

You will need;


4 ripe peaches
200g sugar
750ml rose wine
100ml of grappa, eau de vie or vodka
2 small bay leaves

2 1 litre preserving jars


Put the jars into the oven to heat sterilise them.

Starting with the peaches make two small crosses in the top and the bottom of each peach.  Drop them into boiling water for two minutes remove and immediately put into iced water to cool them down quickly.  Peel the peach and cut into quarters discarding the skin and the stone.  Divide the peaches and the remaining ingredients between the two jars and screw on the lids tightly  Store in a cool dark place and gently shake the jar every day until the sugar has dissolved.  After two weeks fish out the peaches from the liquid and eat.  You can either serve the wine at the same time or leave it up to a year to mature in a cool dark place by which time it will be time to make some more.  So perhaps it might be a good idea to make at least a couple of batches of this so that you have some for use throughout the year.

Now I am going up to the market today so will look out for some peaches as well.  I have the Rose in the cupboard.

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