Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sunday Finale

We have had that sweet constant gentle rain that we have needed for so long.  Hopefully it will help fatten up those autumn fruits that seem to be suffering from lack of water, but the ground and the plants oh so need it too.  Despite the rain it is still humid although the nights are starting to draw in and it is a little chillier than it has been.  Still not cold enough for the heating which will happen soon enough.

Hopefully next year I will be better set up to grow my own veggies and have a couple of water butts in situ as well nothing better than rainwater for the plants and some kind of order to the garden.  Despite it having been cleared there is still an awful lot of sorting to do including the contents of HRHs shed which need sorting and if he doesn't want them need dumping at the tip.  I might get him to deal with that after his fishing trip at the weekend

OH and his faithful hound are out for the count oblivious to the fact that I am tap tap at the keyboard.  I can hear the washer going through its progamme spinning hard and then slowing down.  The computer room is over the kitchen so tends to keep warm especially if the cooker has been on.

Earlier we took Missy for quite a long walk; if I go out walking I tend to be nosing seeing what is in the hedgerows and the like to see if I can add anything different to my pantry shelf.  I did tonight find some items but I have covered them in tomorrow's Kitchen Notes as I felt it more appropriate for them to be held there as I created the Kitchen Notes specifically to hold my ramblings and doings where food or ideas are concerned. like a working scrapbook really.

It was a good walk and the wheel is turning again as the seasons unfold I can feel it and I can see it.  At this time of year the teasels are just losing their purple hue and the bristles when you touch them are soft. This will not last for long and I may gather together a load and de-thorn the stems as I have some ideas for Christmas wreaths etc. and now is the best time to sort them so my hands do not get pricked so much.  I also need some decent twigs and some small cones that grow down where we walk Missy.  Hopefully I will also be able to get some willow wands to make my own wreaths too.

I also need to pot some ivy up into pots from down the garden as I have some ideas for some winter baskets outside of the back door.  Ivy always manages to make things that much prettier.

I did not see any sloes, but another brambling patch out where we have been today as well as having brambles on a good year also has sloes so shall keep my eyes peeled.  I absolutely adore proper sloe gin especially on a cold winters day and Raspberry Gin.

I must also sit down soon and start to print off some Christmas images that I want to use on Christmas cards and decorations.  Once they are printed I can then start crafting and playing with them. I do so want to make my own cards this year.  One bonus point of me being incapacitated by my foot operation will be that I will be able to craft to keep myself occupied and also to help get rid of the UFO pile and also probably do my Christmas cards. 

I really would love a proper log fire for this winter to cosy up to but in reality that will only happen if a lottery win happens.  But cest la vie you never quite know what is round the corner and if anything like that ever happened and there was enough maybe then I would find my forever home. 

If wishes were fishes.

Take care - I hope you have all had a lovely weekend and if things have been a little harrowing or a little tough of late hugs and the wish that tomorrow is a better day.

Catch you soon.



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