Sunday, 21 August 2016

Sunday Roundup thus far

Well the day has turned out very differently to what I anticipated it to be.  I had planned on doing a little more housework but that was quickly put into touch when OH came home earlier than I anticipated.  I had been wanting to visit a new branch of a shop that we used to go to regularly in March called B & M which sells an awful lot of food items predominantly tinned items, sauces, mixes, condiments sauces etc at silly prices.  Shopping here in many cases you only pay about one-third of the price and if paying more no where near as much as you would pay at a supermarket.  It is very much a case of taking advantage of what is there on the day.  I tend to go every three months or so to do a top up on those items that I use a lot of.  Passata for instance 49p a large bottle.  Pink tinned salmon 80pence a tin.  The largest sized tin of Red salmon £2.50 per tin. The store sells lots of other things as well but I predominantly go for the food.

From there I have been to the Farm at Helpston Willowbrook Farm.  Not to the Farm Shop but for our Sunday Dinner.  They have a restaurant café which serves lovely breakfasts and we decided we would try their Sunday dinner.  It did not disappoint.  I had roast beef, Yorkshire pudding, fresh runner beans, carrots, broccoli, peas, roast potatoes in goose fat with lots of gravy and it was really tasty.  Followed off by warm brownie with Galleano's vanilla ice cream.  The ice cream is some of the best bought ice cream I have ever had and the brownie although served warm just melted and was more than decidedly Moorish.  OH had lamb and all the trimmings  We thoroughly enjoyed our meal.

In case you are interested they are running another pork pie making class on 9 September.  If you are interested in attending the class please call the farm for further details;

phone number is 01780 749483

We then popped to Go Outdoors and I was not particularly looking for anything but I have come home with two cuddly fleeces to wear with my jeans - with me feeling the cold I tend to buy things when I see them and they are both seriously reduced.  I also saw a jacket which had been reduced but unfortunately they did not have my size.  Hey ho - not the day I had envisaged but still pleasant all the same.

I am now home have written a couple of posts for during the week now I have to get the shopping organised.

Hope your day has been pleasant too.

Catch you later.



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