Sunday, 28 August 2016

Sunday Roundup

Well its been all go in the kitchen.  I now have 12 jars large ones of tomatoes whole or cherry tomatoes with an additional two half jars of cherry tomatoes.

There are six jars of mixed summer fruits in syrup  - half jars - enough to top a cheesecake during the winter months.  I shall probably do some more during the week as well if I can get up to the market again.  probably the same combination of fruits and then a batch with some plums, possibly elderberries and blackberries in and if I can get some damsons that would be brilliant.  I have asked at the veg shop and she is going to keep an eye out for me.  Damsons make the most wonderful jam with the addition of orange juice which is heavenly and a beautiful colour to boot. 

Being as I am an out and out foodie the idea next year is to grow a lot of the stuff myself.  You cannot or very rarely get hold of tayberries or more unusual fruits unless you grow them at home and so I want to get a firm strong foundation/basis down for next year. 

I also want to make some hedgepick berries which is a combination of the wild fruits cooked down with cooking apple or crab apple added to it and then bottled down.  My friend Leanne's creation.  I am also after some quince for membrillo.

The greengage jam is in the jam pan as we speak.  I have another batch to make as there were plenty plus the additional freebie ones that I was given as well which will go towards making jelly  So after the second batch of greengage is done the jelly will be started and left to strain overnight.  The first batch I have 4 1/2 jars out of.  The second batch is currently on the bubble.

I then have a batch of mixed fruit jam to make as well.  Will be lovely on toast, crumpets, croissants, in porridge or semolina pudding or in a home made sponge cake or swiss roll.  The colour is very vibrant.

So quite a productive day but still so much more to do.

Right better get a wriggle on.  Catch you later.



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