Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Well its been a lovely day.......

Weather wise and I have been cooped in an office with air conditioning and have been frozen.  Its a good job I had my cardie with me.  Different story when I came out for dinner boiling hot did not need the cardie and enjoyed the sunshine.  Met a couple of friends had a good catch up really pleasant time.

This afternoon I have struggled to stay awake.  This evening instead of coming home OH took me out to where he now fishes.  Charming little lake.  Very peaceful and quiet with lots of wildlife.  We bought some fish and chips and then went and had supper at the lake.  I found some sloes so hopefully will have sloe gin later in the year and then sloe chocolates.  yummy.  Also found another crab apple tree - am marking spots so that I can return.  Now very tired and struggling to stay awake so I think it is going to be an early night to catch up on some shuteye.  the most glorious of sunsets this evening on the way home.  Absolutely stunning.  So have kind of chilled a little.  Now its jet black outside and its about 8;40pm.  The wheel is slowly moving forward autumn is slipping in little by little.  All the more need to keep on piling those items into the pantry for those winter days.

Catch you later.



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  1. I noticed the darker nights more over the last couple of days too. Although I love Autumn, I'm clinging on to the last month of summer. It's lovely seeing the seasons change isn't it?


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