Monday, 12 September 2016

Christmas Plotting and Planning in September

I feel a little more in control of things than I have done for absolutely ages.  How long it will last for I have no idea but at least it is with me for the present. 

With this operation in the offing I am concerned that Christmas will not happen this year.  So I am therefore focusing on Christmas at the moment as I do not want to be caught on the hop as they say. I so apologise if this is too soon - it is really but I need to be ready so that I can take time to heal after my op without stressing about getting things done.  That way I will heal quicker and better.  I am aiming for calm and stress free if at all possible.

All I know a present is that the op on my bunion joint will possibly be within the next three months. its not a major op as ops go but it is going to incapacite me to some extent in the long run.  At least six weeks before the operation I will have to come of meds and I believe a month before that I have to have blood clotting injections. not looking forward to that aspect whatsoever as I am phobic with injections.  

I am therefore focusing on Christmas trying to get as much done as possible so that if I am laid up I can concentrate on crafts and things like that but I need the rest of the work done well in advance that way if anything goes pique tong we will stand a fighting chance of dealing with it without it affecting too much else.  Well that's the plan in any event.  And so....

I have been round to the Cooperative and they have all the Christmas sweets out with offers on already so once the under-stairs cupboard is sorted out I shall take advantage and get as much of the food shopping out of the way with as I can and by that I mean stuff with a long-stop date. Hopefully it will not be too much of a shock to the purse strings.  Not that I intend to go OTT but things need to be done and OH would not be bothered one way or the other whether Christmas happened but I most certainly would.

Christmas has always been a big thing for me I like all the plotting the planning, the making, the decorating enjoying seasonal treats like mulled wine and cider.  You do not have to have a lot of pennies although a few do help. I often think that if you are selective and budget and plan on the food front you know where you stand and it also helps one's natural creativity come out as well  - making the most of very little to make it look actually something.  Some things are tradition - but other things well you can always find alternatives and if you have the children at home then you involve them from day one; you make memories now of happy Christmases for them to remember with their own children.  After all Christmas is about family and especially children.

I have Christmas cakes to make.  One for myself and one for my brother.  I have bought a new square cake pan as the one I had had seen better days  - it was a little rusty in the wrong places and it did not owe me anything so a new one has been sourced and bought.  I intend to get a larger one as well as I can get two oblong cakes out of a bigger pan - I am thinking Christmas pressies here.  So to be on target I have two Christmas Cakes to make this month.  Then I can feed them and get them out of the way wrapped in foil and then fed every so often.  The puddings will shortly follow.  I normally like to do them on or around Stir up Sunday but on a practical basis this year they will be made beforehand.

My cake pan came from Lakeland and I also came across a little novelty item whilst I was in there.  A snowflake pasty mould.  So that fell in the basket as well  - I am thinking home made puff pastry snowflakes with apple and mincemeat filling here.  I Have more mincemeat to make this month including an apricot and Ameretto version.  However you could use other fillings like fresh fruit and then serve with custard.

I also need to source new pudding bowls.  I have been looking but missed out on a couple of bargains but I shall continue and see what I can come up with.

So there is a lot going on and an awful lot more to do.

Since starting this post I have been and sorted some of the Christmas bits out buying sweetie tubs, crackers, some biscuits, some peanuts.  So I have made a start and shall add things little by little which will help with the cost and the practical side of getting stuff home and at the right prices.  I am fortunate enough to be able to do this but even if it is a couple of packs of nuts, a packet of after eights it all builds up eventually and all helps at the end of the day on easing the costs over the next few months and without having to resort to a credit card.  I pay for Christmas as I go along this way.  It does not have to be masses of stuff and in fact a lot of what I buy gives me more choice over what I cook and bake over and around Christmas but in reality is for use throughout the year.  So go to the pound shop and check out that tinned salmon and other bits and bobs and if they are useful to you stockpile them.

Catch you soon.



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  1. I love Christmas and can't wait for this one. I'm planning too, isn't it great? I hope the op goes well when it comes around x


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