Monday, 5 September 2016

The Pantry Glass Jar store

I am gradually one by one adding to my store of old large vintage sweet jars i.e. black lidded ones and the blue lidded Cadburys Roses jars which are gradually being filled with all my base ingredients like, porridge oats, home made muesli and granola, vanilla sugar.  So far I have managed to collect 16 such jars but I need quite a few more yet.  To start with I was just collecting the blue lidded ones but I have also started collecting the black lidded ones as well.  There are a lot of uses for said jars

[As with most things here  I have to play shuffle to accommodate them.  The plan is that once I have replaced the fridge in the pantry with a new one in the dining room, put up two sheds down the bottom of the garden and transferred the chest freezer and the upright one which are currently in the dining room into the shed  and bought another upright larder style fridge for my experiments on the meat front].  Is to then have shelving built top to bottom in the pantry either side to house the jars so that I can access and find everything easily and also walk into the pantry which I cannot currently  do because a fridge lives in there.  However very slowly things are coming together and in the long run it will make my life easier especially when it comes to the baking. As it will be easier to locate everything.  I tend to buy dry goods in bulk in any event.  As I have said before I tend to buy the ingredients and then make things.

I keep a lot of different shaped pastas in, and also now have jars in which to put all my flours, different rices, and grains, different sugars. As I tend to buy in bulk in any event usually when pasta is on offer like at the Co-op at the moment a pack of spaghetti 22p a pack and some penne 33p per pack.  In one jar I have about three packs stashed. So there is plenty to go at meal-wise and it is just a matter of throwing things together.   I still need to acquire more jars for all my dried fruits and also for my kefir, and alcoholic experiments but Rome was not built in a day and it will happen.  i.e. that one day I will be able to find things instead of turfing things out looking for things and making a mess in the process. 

Interestingly today one of the jars that has come in has been marked up for damson gin.  So that jar will be used for damson gin as and when I manage to lay my hands on the same. So from little acorns oaks do grow.

I know what I want my forever pantry to look like  - I went to a very posh house once out in the middle of the Lincolnshire countryside and the house owner had a pantry down the side of her whole house, it was wide and there was lots of shelving and there was a sink in there so it was like a utility as well. There was also a big veg store and the floor was terracotta tiled. It was kitted out with pine shelving and lots of antique jars and fittings.  So I have this visual image in my head.  That will not happen here but I am starting to put the base of it together.  There was also a deal table in there and a pair of Vintage Greengrocer weighing scales. I collect ground glass stoppered Victorian jars in any event and the sweetie jars are an extension of this.

Right I had better get on I have jars to scrub out and to fill up and get labelled  - especially when it comes to the different flours.

Catch you later.




  1. I have just ordered some more buckets with air tight lids, I use them to store the bulk of dried food and decant smaller amounts to my storage jars. I am hoping to have a walk in pantry next year

  2. Where do you find your jars? I have one cadburys roses jar - and another which is actually a 1980s Habitat kitchen jar, almost identical, but I would love to find an inexpensive source for the big old ones.

  3. Hi Pattypan! I was just sprucing up my blog post on Hedgerow Gin and of course you were on my mind. It still has a link to you and your note about Hedgerow Gin at the bottom. I felt so fortunate to find your blog and still find it a cozy part of the world to come visit! Love reading about your kitchen activities! Toni |


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