Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Autumn and Pumpkins

Two of them jumped into my basket when I went to the Co-Op this evening.  They are quite a decent size as well and at 2 pounds each quite good value.   The photo above is one of mine but is not of my current pumpkins.  I have not bought the pumpkins primarily for decoration but to cook with. however I could well end up getting double duty out of them both.  In this household we love roasted pumpkin with Sunday lunch and I always snaffle a load to freeze down so that we can eat this little treat throughout the winter months.   To freeze it I strip the outer skin off the pumpkin and then deseed and remove the fibrous tissue and seeds which should leave you with a  thick segment of flesh.  I then cut this into pieces and blanch it briefly in boiling water then drain and cool in cold water. I then pat dry and package into portions for Sunday dinner and pop into freezer bags and then into the freezer. 

To me when you see the pumpkins it is well and truly mid autumn.  I like the seasonality of the pumpkin to decorate the home and then to put to good use.  As I say I prepare it for the freezer and then I always make a batch of pumpkin marmalade which I love this time of year especially on thick cut hot buttered toast. Here is the link to the recipe which I posted some time back for those of you interested in having a go.

I intend to have a couple of more pumpkins yet as I love pumpkin soup and I also want to have a go at a pumpkin pickle as per the recipe used by Pam Corbin.

Pumpkins like squash will keep well in a nice cold place I have had them last into the new year before now although my intention with this years batch is to make sure that it is well and truly preserved and ready for use.

I am going to research canning pumpkin though as it will be a very useful addition to the pantry.

Right upwards and onwards.

Catch you soon.




  1. I was looking at a recipe for Pumpkin chutney today as I am going to wait until after Halloween and then they will be practically given away, so very good value. I am not a pumpkin eater, I have to say. I am not keen on the texture.

  2. BB once you get the membrane and seeds taken out the pumpkin flesh is very firm and cooks up if roasted in the same way as parsnips and roasties well.



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