Saturday, 22 October 2016

Its been a busy day so far

It started with a visit to B n Q to get some door handles for the kitchen dining room doors. I have eyed up some more flooring for the dining room and that will be sorted soon. 

On the way back we called into Lidl supposedly for some crispy buns so that we could have a bacon butty each - but it ended up a bit more like a shopping trolley full.  Mostly stuff to put up for Christmas like I have stocked up with nuts etc for baking and bought some Cassis, the proper Christmas mulled wine, some cider.  I shall probably pop back in the week to add some more goodies to the Christmas stockpile as well. Its all pretty flexible really but as I say I do have my Christmas box. 

It all helps ease the pennies in the month of December if the majority of what is required is stockpiled down beforehand. Having plenty of food in the pantry always gives me a sense of security and as prices are starting to go up a little here and there it all helps as when things really get tough we just live out of the pantry and that way on we are able to concentrate on the bills and I only buy a little bit of fresh stuff in.

Well we had the bacon butty and it went down a treat.  The buns were crispy and soft and I liked them from Lidl but the pair of us are now stuffed and not in the mood for having chilli as we had originally planned.  That has therefore been put on hold and we will have a deli platter of cooked meats, cheese, crackers and chutney and pickle a little later.  Saves on the washing up.

Now the hard work starts operation kitchen.  I may be missing for a few hours well more than a few hours as I have the pantry to strip out as well and that definitely needs doing as does sorting the shed out tomorrow morning.  We have a couple of trips to the tip scheduled for tomorrow so if I can get that done it means I can liberate under the stairs and pop the jars and bottles I have in there in the shed outside and then liberate the space under the stairs for the Christmas goodies.

Catch you soon.



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