Saturday, 22 October 2016

Saturday Afternoon/Evening part 2

After our bacon butties - we had them late about 400pm as muggins had no idea what the time was. Whilst it was still light we took Missy for a walk and I decided to investigate the position with regard to the crab apples.  They have swelled to what they were and some of them have fallen but I can get to them easily enough so am going back tomorrow with my foraging basket and a couple of carriers to collect a load to make crab apple jelly which is divine with roast pork used as an apple sauce. its also lovely used with the cold pork in sandwiches afterwards .

I have found some more cones in a different size so I would like to snaffle some of them some are larger than others but I need both sizes.  I need them to decorate some wreaths, to make some cone baubles, to use on the outside of a Christmas present as a decoration with pretty ribbon and possibly for use on some cards.  These little tiny cones cost an arm and a leg if you have to buy them.

There are also rosehips so I want to get some of those as well.  They are growing near the crab apples so they should make a good combination of rosehip and crab apple jelly.  I also want to dry some for use as a vitamin c boost during the winter months and make some rosehip cordial.  The rosehip cordial can be used to make a sorbet and also used as a syrup to soothe a sore throat.

There are also loads of teasels which I also intend to harvest also to make some Christmas decorations with the use of some gold spray paint and some polystyrene wreaths and balls.  Where OH goes fishing there are mushrooms so I will see if he will take me next week to see if we can collect some to pop up on the pantry shelf.

I have been slowly stripping the kitchen out as well but there is a lot to do so its going to be a  late night.  But once its done including the pantry it should feasibly tidy up other areas of the house.

Right coffee break over.  must get a wriggle on.

Catch you later.



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  1. if you want some really small ones we have loads round here they come off the Larch trees, love the idea of using them on decorations


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