Friday, 21 October 2016

Silver Birch Bark, Fir Cones, Twigs, polystyrene balls and cones Teasels and Larch cones,

I have found something different on Pinterest by way of Christmas decorations made from silver birch bark.  I had never heard of it being used in crafts before and the article I read told me I could purchase silver birch bark off of Etsy.  And so you can.  I am waiting for a couple of packs to arrive so that I can have a go at making a silver birch garland reminiscent of those paper chains and using glue just the same.  When I started looking I found lots of things using this to me relatively unknown commodity so it may be that I could well be ordering more in due course.  I have also seen a nice idea for making some tea light covers as well.  however since then I have also purchased some tree trunk candle holders in three different sizes.  In case you have not twigged - excuse the pun I do tend to favour au natural decorations/Victoriana style.

At the weekend when I went walkies with Missy I also came across a lot of twigs that had blown off the trees in nice clean condition so they got scooped up and brought home.  They have been sat on the dresser ever since.

I thought I might turn these with the aid of some raffia or twine into some Christmas stars to hang off the garland decorations that I have up throughout the house.  Something simple and effective but which cost an arm and a leg in the shops.  I want the satisfaction however of doing for myself and my family and being the tight skate I am for next to nothing apart from the time that I have popped in to creating and making.  I want to be able to enjoy the process stop and smell the roses, and have the odd glass of  mulled wine or two along the way as well.

Where we walk Missy there are several trees with tiny little larch cones in them.  After all the rain last week they were too wet to harvest so hopefully I will be able to gather some for use this weekend when we walk her.

And this is what I intend to do with them, a polystyrene ball a glue gun some glitter and mock snow maybe even a few beads or two.

I have bay leaves to dry this weekend in my dehydrator I also have lemons and tiny oranges that I want to dry whole to yet again turn into garlands for the dressers and The bay leaves are also needed to be used in cooking and to be mixed with salt for curing pork.  I use bay leaves a lot.  I also want to dry some orange slices and lemon slices and create some little mulling kits to give away with a nice bottle of wine for a Christmas present.

I have also come across wreath bases made from plum stones and peach stones washed and coloured or left au natural and then glued onto a polystyrene base make a very good and interesting base for a wreath or candle holder surround so I shall research that further and come back on that another day.

However I have also found a link for this wonderful nut wreath with tutorial that I am going to have a go at. here is the link.

Have you got any Christmas decorations in the pipeline to make or found anything different you want to share.

Catch you soon.



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