Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Starting to play a litttle and a pick me up put me down

I have another crochet blanket on the go made up of individual squares in Christmas colours of red and white.  Its good to play and I wish I could do so much more of it as it when I start to play that the creative streak comes out and spins me off in other directions. I am at my happiest when I am crafting. 

The new crochet blanket/throw is specifically for Christmas and is made up of individual squares which are easier for me to handle and build up.  playing with this one blanket has given me ideas for other blankets made up in the same colours but in different stitches and combinations. The wool I have used below looks red but is actually an autumn rusty colour burnt orange.

I am also playing with some knitted fingerless gloves for myself and depending on how they come out will depend whether I start knitting a stash in the New Year for next year's Christmas presents.  This is one side just one on its own when knitted on 4mm needles is not big enough so I m wondering if there was a fault with the pattern I picked up as a freebie off the internet.  I have however worked out that if I knit two because my tension is reasonably firm it should fit me nicely especially with a pair of woolly gloves underneath.  I know how to cast on both ways however the edge is never neat enough for my liking do any of you have any good practical tips for making this neater.  Any tips gratefully received.  I was taught the basics of knitting as a nipper but I am not really a knitter although the older I am getting the more soothing I am finding it.  If I could just make the edge neater it would make all the difference or am I striving too much for perfection.

I was so full of good intentions for this year but it just has not happened for one reason or another.  I have also found a pattern for a star blanket worked in navy and white which is speaking to me quite prolifically.  Come new year then maybe but too many UFOs to clear first.  I really need serious time to play.  I am getting a little frustrated. 

One thing I am trying to do is print off patterns as I find them.  I am then transposing the patterns into plastic sleeves in a folder so that when I am mooching around for something to do I have them easily accessible instead of rushing around trying to find a particular pattern and not being able to locate it.

I have also been stockpiling fabrics, kits, some partially worked which need completion, new cross stitch kits, including two wedding presents. One for March next year and the other for September.  Both at Orton Hall Hotel in Peterborough one for good friends and the other for my step son and his fiancée.

I have embroidery, cross stitch, needlepoint, patchwork, raggy rugs, to do and the only way I will possibly get them done is if I cut down some of my time on the computer and spend regular and consistent amounts of time on each individual piece. I shall still post regularly but will be more structured with my time and probably prepare ahead. Time is moving on and I have some beautiful pieces to work and I want them out and on display. Some of the patterns/kits I have had a while and I want to bring some focus back and get them done.  Some of the vintage pieces need finishing off by either being made up into cushions or framed and mounted for the wall.  I am hoping to be able to get stuck in soon now the autumn soon to be winter nights are upon us.

I have also been playing with some match pots of paint from Wilkinsons, wooden coathangers, paintbrushes, scissors and decoupage and varnish.  I had seen a post on Pinterest which I was quite taken with and so have been experimenting.  I am quite chuffed with how things are coming together.  I have quite a nice bluey colour I am working with at the moment which I think will do very nicely for a small tallboy linen cupboard that I have which is desperate for a re-vamp, together with some toning fabric to tart it up on the inside and new china handles should totally revamp it and make it look reloved.  Told you that crafting inspires me to do something else.

Well I won't just be doing new projects.  I have a heap of UFOs to complete as well.  So I thought I might do a new project then a UFO and keep alternating them so that they eventually all do get done. It will be good to get them sorted at long last.  however I always tend to have some long running project on the go that I can pick up and put down inbetween doing everything else. 

A pick me up put me down is essential for when I do not have that much time but still need to be doing something.  This tends to be something like my crochet blankets.  A very good friend has recently lost her mother to cancer and she has been sorting things out and has very kindly given me some wool which I am also looking forward to making up into a lovely blanket or two.  I was looking for an ultra sized crochet hook today as I have an idea in mind for this particular wool.  They did not have one so I will have to have a mosey on the internet when I get a chance.

I also want to get some pretty rag rugs made for the bedrooms.  I have a denim rug on the go which is a proddy rug - that is a UFO and I am hoping to get back to that as well.  Some of these will be ideal for when I am incapacitated.

Catch you soon.



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