Tuesday, 25 October 2016

The pantry

is coming together nicely.  Still stuff to sort and get in there but I have had one major sort out and got rid of a lot of rubbish.  Sadly I can only do a little of what I want to with this pantry however it is better than it was and I have sorted it so OH can find things easily.    i have also managed to get the bread bin in situ as well.  I was hoping to get my bread crock in there as well - its a terracotta one; I will if I can.  I have lots of lovely things for the dream pantry, picking them up as I come across them.  For the dream pantry I am after a couple of meat safes that can be stripped back and restored and a pie safe

Ideally the shelving was for my sweetie jars but I still have to accumulate some more so in the meantime whilst I am waiting for that to happen I am using the shelves for other items and when I get the jars I will try and fathom what to do with any items not used.

I do have a cupboard under the stairs which is my main preserves store. however that needs tidying out as it is stacked with new bottles and jars.  I am planning on these going into the stone shed.  I also have a lot of beer bottles that I have collected as I want to have a go at making some beer as well.  The ones that you can see in the photos below were on my dresser waiting to be popped into said store but as I had some space I thought it might be easier to pop them into the main pantry instead.  There are bottled apricots, cherries, picallili, honey for use in making nuts in honey an ice cream topping and also stem ginger that I use in cooking a lot.

I still have lots of other stuff to do and the house is still a mess but hopefully it will get better over the next few days.  its better than it was last night already and at least I can find things now.  Some of the items are in boxes on the floor but that is the easiest way for me to store things.

Right had better get to bed morning is just around the corner and another early start is planned.

Catch you later.




Well I went to get my phone for taking the photos and there has been a bit of a accident.  I had left the phone on charge in what I thought was an out of the way spot from the cats but unfortunately they have knocked the phone into a bowl of water.  I am not a happy bunny.  So will have to post photos later once I get something sorted out.

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