Saturday, 29 October 2016

Trouble with plumbing

Whenever I start sorting things out or doing things something always raises its head and today it was the kitchen.

Why is it men do not listen properly.  I informed the OH the other night that there was a problem with the sink in that the pipe had come adrift from the sink unit and that it was not the overflow.  I have then waited patiently for him to fix it  - no result  -in the meantime I have not used the sink which has been frustrating.  Anyway he comes into the kitchen this morning and turns the tap on to me shrieking don't do that it will go on all my stuff in the unit.  Needless to say the tap was turned off rather smartly. 

After being blamed for breaking it  - which I refuted completely and dug my heels in and gave him what for.  it turned out that the screw that held the plate and the sink together had sheared and that was the reason for the break. 

So off to B N Q we went and could we get a replacement  - yes but not the size of our sink fitting. apparently since the sink was fitted they have changed the sizings. We have been here 29 years and I think the sink is far older than that. We ended up buying a kit for 20 pounds to get the right fitting and then it was a bath fitting rather than a sink.  But it works and I am easy pleased as I have my sink back and a new plug.  Well happy.  Simple things please simple minds.  Now I can do my normal jobs more easily I have the sink.

Catch you later.



  1. Its called selective hearing, glad you got it sorted in the end :-)

    1. He does not see things either especially when they are straight under his nose!


  2. I'm glad too, you don't realise how much you use something until it's taken from you :)

    1. Hi Tracy

      Very true. Under normal circumstances something normally goes wrong when he is away fishing. It is however nice to have my sink back.

      Take care



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