Monday, 24 October 2016

upside down again part 2

Well one wall has four sets of shelves up.  another shelf is still required below - did not bring enough from the shop - so will have to get another couple tomorrow.  unfortunately the walls and the plaster are not good in this house as we found out in the front room one day when one set of bookshelves had collapsed onto the floor - fortunately nothing was broken.  So we end up with shelving here but the brackets have to go where they are safest not necessarily in the same place all the way down.  Its a means to an end. 

OH has top shelf to screw down in the morning so I can put more of my sweetie jars in situ.  But I am very pleased thus far.  I hope to paint out the pantry at the weekend and once that is done and everything has been sorted I will do a reveal.  Think the shelves are going to be white gloss they are natural pine at the moment with lemon or pale green walls  - not quite decided yet; but work has commenced and it is getting there.  I still have to source some more jars but that will happen in time.

hopefully I will get everything returned to the pantry tomorrow evening after his lordship has popped up the rest of the shelves and done the flooring.  ideally it would all be painted out before returning anything to the pantry but I have other things to do first which necessitate outside parties coming into the house because of prior appointments etc.  That juggling process again which causes so much effort and time.

By tackling the nerve centre problem as it was hopefully now I will be able to find everything when I want it  i.e. when i am baking and it will be all nice and clean to boot.  In the dream pantry of my dream house I would have a pair of vintage Greengrocer shop scales in situ so that I can do all the weighing up of the ingredients in the pantry as well.  I would also have everything in one pantry.  most of my bottled preserves and jam, cordials, pickles, chutneys etc. are stored elsewhere.

Right had better get a wriggle on 101 things to do as usual.

Catch you later.



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