Saturday, 19 November 2016

Bits n Pieces

Jigsaw time here big time.

I have been up since 6:00am pottering around trying to get a bit more sorted for the delivery of the shed.  A little low loader turned up with a stocky very helpful little chap who unloaded for us.  He had come from Newark and had several deliveries in all today.
going in a circuit next to Bedford then to Leicester a couple of places there then Nottingham and finally back to Newark.  When he first turned up I though the contents were just for us big gulp where are we going to put it all.  Then I realised  - silly me.  But the shed is here it appears to be very well made.  Now we have a lot to do and I suspect that it is going to be a garden based day today as a lot of sorting needs doing and then we have to start building the shed  - that is after we have got the slabs and then go them down.  OH had the foresight to get the stuff to put under the slabs yesterday. It is bitterly cold we have had a very hard hoar frost and the rooftops were lovely and white this morning.  I have already gone through two pairs of gloves (they have got wet).  I have just come in for a few minutes to get my fingers going again and then I am going to be starting again.

So I may be absent for a while.  Hopefully will be able to pop back later.  Its 9:14am and the sun is still trying to break through and there is blue sky so have to be grateful for small mercies.  At the moment it looks as though it is going to be a good garden day.

Catch you later.



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