Monday, 7 November 2016

Christmas Magazines

To tell the truth of late I have become a little jaded with some of the contents of magazines I have been buying forever.  In particular the Good Food Magazine.  I still look and if it has something I am interested in then I will buy it.  However If not then I leave it; when once upon a time I used to buy it on a regular basis. 

I have bought a couple of magazines today The Woman's  Weekly  Christmas Special which has some lovely Christmas projects (and beautiful photographs) to have a go at for only £1.99 some lovely ideas on a traditional style.  Very pleased with it.   Has a little bit of everything including making home made sweeties to give as pressies and also how to do your own door wreath.    Simple homely ideas which I think have far more of an attraction especially as making things yourself puts some of you out there and all adds to the ambience of cosiness and fills the house with love.

The second magazine I have bought is  called Feel Good Food for £3.99.  Yet again lots of lovely recipes and beautiful photographs yet again with a lovely section of gifts to make including Clementine Vodka, Limoncello, Pomegranate Vodka, Damson Gin.  Clementine fruit jellies, preserved fresh lemons in salt, panforte.  All recipes that are useful and different and add something different to the pantry shelf.

I always look and only buy the Christmas magazines that potentially have interesting and useful recipes.  I keep them safe and bring them out year on year and some get made one year and some another but that way round I have quite a choice of things to make.  The same with home made Christmas decorations.

Realistically I probably will not get them sorted this year but I managed to buy some plastic baubles that look like glass in a copper colour for about £2.   In the New Year I intend to get the beading needle out and my stash of beads and cover them with netted beaded covers for the tree next year. The previous ones I have made have been glass baubles. A modern day heirloom.  I have saved lots of beading links on my Pinterest page as well as lots of other ideas.  Next year I am starting Christmas 2017 in January.  I shall make the most of the time I have to recuperate off work.

So much to do and so little time to do it all in.  Really must get into a higher gear this week to try and get stuff done and dusted.

Catch you soon.



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