Monday, 7 November 2016

Christmas plotting and planning - no 2

I am still slowly gathering a few items together here and there on the food front.  I will surely have to look at the freezers soon and get them sorted out and managed and boxes bought into which to pop Christmas food and goodies and also things like shepherd pies and steak pies.  I have decided to get back to basics a bit and do my own stuff in bulk so that we end up with good food on our plates during the winter months.  I thought that if I got the basics in together with some special items we would be well set up in advance of this operation I have to have.  Meaning if there are some home made pies or shepherd pies in the freezer we are going to have some good eating during these colder months.  I also have a cupboard to strip out and sort out in order that I can get some preserves put up out of the way.

OH has done the shelving in the pantry to house my sweetie jars and their contents and make my small cupboard pantry walk in again. It just needs to be painted out and restocked.  The re-stocking has taken place but the painting will have to take place at another time.  Once the pantry is back to normal I can then concentrate on the under the stairs jam store.  It needs sorting and it may be something I might tackle this week.     Most of my bottles and jars are in there at present and I am planning on putting these in the outside shed and utilising the space better under the stairs. If I get my outside shed organised though they may well go in there.

But back to the Christmas plotting and planning.  I have wandered off stream again.  I have bought a couple of patterns to crochet and if I can master the pattern hopefully should be able to make some home made Christmas presents for people; something practical.  I thought I might be able to get a little production line going; will have to see how goes but it would be nice,  I also have another idea in mind to have a dabble with.  Cannot tell you now will have to do the reveal after Christmas but then you will be able to start plotting and planning for next year's pressies.  if perchance I do not get to them this year it will save for next year in which case I will post the link as nothing will be spoiling and so that you can get ready for the Christmas after that as well should you so choose.

I am also doing a lot of research and sorting things out in part for next year.  I have lots of ideas of things I want to do or have a go at.  I have also ordered some more dies for my Big Shot as I am going to have a bash at making some of my own cards this year.  Something I have been wanting to do for years.  I have had the most beautiful Angel die arrive.

I also have some more preserves to start.   Last night I managed to get the red cabbage prepared and it has salted overnight so I should be able to finish that this evening.  As I have a lot to do this week I may not be on here as much as I would like but will have to see how it goes.

I have also topped up with some more items for the Christmas stockpile.   I am lucky that I am in a position to do this but I need to get things done before 13 December as I may not be in a position to do anything afterwards.

Catch you later.


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