Monday, 28 November 2016

Dreadful Migraine

I ended up being off work for a couple of days last week with a horrendous migraine that just came on.  Trouble is that when I get a migraine I end up being in bed until it subsides in a dark room.  No computers no TV as the light always jiggers me up.  I am light sensitive in any event and that is how they discovered I had epilepsy by putting me under a strobe light which in turn triggered a fit albeit an absence a petit mal.

Never mind these things are sent to try us so that itself has put the Christmas preparations on hold.  Fortunately next week from Tuesday night I will be on leave for five days so I am hoping to catchup then.

Will be playing catchup all week as a result of this.  Never mind these things are sent to try us.

Catch you later.



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