Monday, 7 November 2016

I am home

And it has been a long and tedious day.  Far too long and bitterly cold.   I just dress warm these days as apparently I am not the normal one, wrapping up and wearing jumpers to keep myself from being cold.  However I beg to differ.  There are girls going around the office with no sleeves or jumpers on.  Now that I am afraid is not normal.  Not at this time of year.  However OH has done his bit he got the roast pork on and it smells divine.  I have just sorted the veggies out and we are just about to have it so a nice warming meal.  Might get some mince and do a shepherds pie/cottage pie for tea tomorrow but on the OH we will have roast pork so I am not wasting that.   Shepherds pie for Wednesday night I think. We have runner beans, mixed three veg, carrots, cauli and broccoli and peas with roast potatoes.  I have also done home made apple sauce from a couple of Bramley apples I had to hand.  Once tea out of the way.  Chutney will be on the go and I will be able to finish the red cabbage etc.  A lot to do this week.

If I get chance to pop back a little later I will.  Right now am off to enjoy my roast pork and all the trimmings.

Keep warm and keep safe.

Catch you soon.



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