Monday, 7 November 2016

Kitchen Notes Monday 7th November 2016

Once I get in from work this evening I intend to get some chutney on the go.   This time it will happen as I have to work in the kitchen in any event so a batch of chutney should be achieved.   I also have my crab apple jelly to finish off and also my pickled cabbage.   That will be enough for tonight.  I also have another batch of ironing to do.

Dinner is all prepped up for OH to deal with so when I get in it will hopefully just be a matter of finishing off everything and making the gravy.

We have had a lot of rain overnight and have woken up to grey skies and rain although it is looking bright to the West so whether the sun will break through later remains to be seen.

I also want to start some mincemeat off and prep the Christmas puddings to finish off tomorrow night and to start cooking.   I need some more bowls though so a quick visit to John Lewis should solve that hopefully otherwise I will have to defer for another night.

I also want to do some mulled  spiced pears (bottling) in either wine or cider.  Makes for a handy pudding to pull off the pantry shelf to make a quick easy pudding.

I also want to get a beer kit to get a couple of batches of beer and lager on the go before Christmas.

I have ordered a dehumidifier for the house to use when I have the tumbler on.  Even though it is a condenser drier any kind of heat in the kitchen or bathroom makes the walls and windows steam up.  We do not have double glazing in the back of the house and as a consequence I end up wiping the windows down with water and a drop of vinegar to keep the mould spores at bay and then letting the house have a quick half hour of the window being open.  Seems to be working so far. This is something my Nan did religiously every morning and it is very brrgh but it seems to keep the house healthy. However I feel more can be done especially when I am attempting to get the laundry dry.   I have read very good reviews. So we shall see what we shall see.

I am still looking for a wine chiller and a small dehumidifier for the shed to make my own curing cave but I do not want to pay through the nose so I am taking my time.  Something will come up when the time is right.

Right cup of tea and breakfast time.

Catch you later.



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