Saturday, 12 November 2016

Kitchen Notes Saturday 12 November 2016

Its a grey dull cold and wet Fenland day it would appear to be in for the day and we have not seen the sun at all.  The mist is hanging heavy and makes the Wind Turbines look ghostly and ethereal.

We have been to the Butchers this morning and an 8kg Turkey has been ordered and is to be collected Christmas Eve.  So that is another thing of the very long list of to dos.

I have also bought two boxes of 3 different speciality flavoured instant coffees to have in milky coffee over the Christmas period and probably before as well.  We have taken of late the pair of us to regularly have milky coffee to warm us up on these winter days.  Occasionally I have a splash of dark rum in mine  = Masawatti coffee.

We bought a few more things from the butchers and no doubt will buy a few more beforehand but I am starting to feel on the food front at least that everything is starting to come together and there will be plenty to eat for months to come.

I have also been to Waitrose on the way back and managed to get my Horseradish roots that I have been after for sometime.  You cannot beat fresh Horseradish. I grate it down finely in the food processor but you do need to be careful as the fumes will blow your socks off and some.  So caution when processing fresh horseradish is very much required.  I never open the lid up straight away I let it stand for a few minutes.  I then decant it into individual ice cub trays add some water and then pop the trays once full into the freezer.  When we want Horseradish we then just pop a cube out of the freezer.

I also managed to get fresh cranberries that means that I will get to make my own Cranberry and apple jelly, and chutney.  I shall also do my Cranberry and Grand Marnier Sauce and freeze it in readiness for Christmas dinner.  I shall go back for more in the week as I will probably dry some as well.  They are £2 a tub.  Last year they were more than that at start of season about same time as last year and went down in price.  I do try and get them when they are reduced though for obvious reasons.

Here is the recipe I use for Cranberry and apple jelly.

I also have some Tarragon vinegar to make.  I have a couple of decent bunches of Tarragon and the vinegar.  It was only by chance that I realised I had run out. I always use a dash of home made Tarragon vinegar in my home made seafood sauce it gives it extra piquancy and makes it very tasty.  

I have bought some fresh cod for supper tonight with some home made chips and mushy peas.  They are two large cod fillets and I estimate that should be able to get two meals out of it. 

I also have some herbs to bunch and to dry on strings in the pantry.  I do not like to waste herbs or anything else for that matter as they can make a difference in the taste of things.

Some Christmas Chutney is also on the cards this afternoon.

So  I am going to get a wriggle on.  The day is starting to darken (well it has not really been light all day) and I want to make the most of the time that I have.

Catch you soon.



PS.  OH is snoring his socks off and so is his counterpart the dog.

PPS.  A big welcome to the newbies hope you find something you like here there is plenty that goes back for ever.   You are very welcome in any event.



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